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Saturday, February 23, 2008

New look - Treatment starts Monday 25th

Well, here we are. A new image! This morning I had a number 1 haircut from my son, Ian. It took about 2 minutes and I am quite happy with it. No brushing needed. When I start my treatment on Monday, I have been told not to wash my hair for 6 weeks. So it made sense to get it as short as possible. Oh, and I can expect "patchy hair loss" as the chemotharapy starts doing its work. What do you think? Hmm. I think I might just disobey instructions and give the old head a very gentle wash in tepid water from time to time. I can't see myself being able to handle no washing at all. I am already disobeying instructions by driving occasionally on quiet roads. Whatever happens I will be sensible.

I start first thing in the morning on Monday with my first dose of Temodal - the trade name for the cytotoxic drug I will be using. The chemical name is Temozolomide, and it seems to be the standard chemotherapy agent for Anaplastic Astrocytomas. I kick off with 14o mg per day, preceded by a rather expensive anti-nausea tablet called Zamanon. I have managed to get the dose of corisone (betanoid) down to 3 tablets per day (I was originally on 18 per day!). But, as the radiotherapy starts causing inflammation and swelling of my brain I will probably have to increase the dose. Lets wait and see. The people at the Vincent Pallotti Hospital are all very competent and pleasant. I'm sure things will go well. I am scheduled to have radiotherapy and Chemotherapy together every day for 5 days per week for 6 weeks. Hopefully that will give my astrocytoma a serious hint that it is not welcome and must please go away.

In the meantime I have been hard at work designing a new page for my blog. I hope to get it up and running in the next few days. It is all about the practical plan I followed to restructure my beliefs. The plan worked so spectacularly well for me that I want to offer it to anyone who wants to read it. If I can help even one person to have the same amazing experience that I had, I will be happy. So watch this space.


JohnW - Sydney said...

Cool man! You look younger and very strong. May the force be with you as you go through the rigours of treatment.

John said...

Thanks John. Ha ha ha. Yes, quite a cool cat, hey? It is actually rather nice not to have your hair blow in long whisps in the wrong direction in the wind. This could become my permanent look, so get used to it! It is also a darned site less expensive than paying someone to unsuccessfully make you look young and dashing with an obvious bald patch on top of your nut. (This is the first time I have admitted to that bald patch.)