... in my brain actually. My very own brain tumour

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Treatment is now under way

Treatment started yesterday. I have already had some emails from people berating me for not having posted anything about it yet. The truth is that I have been waiting to see if any significant symptoms would develop - things ike nausea, vomiting, vertigo,bleeding, etc. Well, my frst dose of temozolomide was taken first thing yesterday morning and so far I have been completely unaware of any side effects. There is certainly not even a hint of nausea. Long may this last. It is good to know that my astrocytoma is beginning to be perfused by a chemical that is designed to shrink it. Good!

The radiotherapy started at 2:00pm yesterday. Apart from the fact that the mask was still incredibly tight and painful, everything went fine. I complained like a stuck pig about the painful mask and the radiographers adjusted it by making a small cut in a strategic place. It is now bearable. Good. I tried relaxing my shoulders (thanks for the tip Diane). I also took an ativan 20 minutes before hand to help relax me, and used lots of imagination to fool myself that I was actually lying in a farm dam in the Cederberg. The radiotherapy yesterday lasted about 1 hour, but a lot of checking x-rays had to be taken to verify that the position of the tumour was correct in relation to the beams. I am being treated with two beams of high energy X-rays, one from behind my head and the other from the right side of my head. The fields are activated one after the other for about 2 minutes each. In future each radiotherapy session should last about 15 minutes. Subjectively I feel nothing when the beams are switched on, but the tumour, I am told, doen't like it. Good.

You will notice that I have added a new page of practical exercises to my blog at the top right of the screen. This is because I have become so excited by the successes I have had in reconstructing my beliefs, that I wanted to share my techniques with anyone who may want to read them. They both require a bit of thinking and hard work, but I hope they will be as useful to other people as they were to me. So, have a look and decide if you need them. More things will be added to the new practical page from time to time.

Finally, to all my dear, supportive friends, thank you for keeping me on track with your loving support, your good wishes, your emails, phone calls and prayers. You are doing a wonderful job for your old friend John. I appreciate it so much. I am going to beat this thing in my head and go on for a long time. Just wait and see.


Anonymous said...

John my mate - as I sit here having a sip of fine wine I think of you fondly you are an inspiration and a pillar of strength - I listen to nocturns and think of you often - take special care of yourself and let others take care of you too.

bp said...

hey there, fellow BT combatant here. those pix bring memories as there's no feeling in the world like being pinned to a table by your face! hang in there.

John said...

Thanks foer you comments comments guys. I really appreciate hearing from you.