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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A wonderful day with special friends

I described in my diary entry on 19th Feb that I was planning to climb a mountain today, Wednesday, and that I had changed my mind because of my muscle wasting and weakness. My friends, Mike and Doreen accepted my cancellation of the climb gracefully and said they would be picking me up with Joan, my wife to go to Paarl and have more quiet fun - as in eating and driving and gently strolling around like a bunch of geriatrics. So off we went at 9:00 am this morning.

The last place on earth I thought we would go was to the Taalmonument just outside Paarl. But that's where we started. It is an impressive place, and they serve a great breakfast too! Here are some pictures. Those without credits were taken by me.

Breakfast at the Taalmonument. John, Joan, Doreen. Picture by Mike.

John and Joan at the Taalmonument. Picture by Mike.

We saw an interesting flower there that the gardener called a "bergroos". I'm not sure what it is but will try to find out. Here it is:

Then we climbed up to the top of one of the massive granite Paarl rocks and had a look over the surrounding vineyards. We live in a beautiful country! Correction! We drove up as high as we could go, then doddled up a few metres to the top. I could get used to this kind of mountaineering quickly.

Joan, John and Doreen. Picture by Mike. Paarl lies below the Paarl rock. Scones and cream beckon. We cave in and succumb to the temptation . . .

Next, we drove down to the town of Paarl. Mike spotted a farm just outside the town called St Pieters Roche with a young lady sitting outside under a sun umbrella, selling grapes. A sign told us that teas were served under the trees until 4:00pm. This sounded good, because we had not eaten a single thing for almost 3 hours since our massive breakfast. So we had tea:

Doreen, John and Joan waiting for scones and cream. Picture by Mike.

Here we are - Me, Mike, Doreen. Joan took the picture.

Here is a picture of our table before the tea, scones, jam, and cream arrived

And here is the jam!

What an utterly decadent, lovely day we had. Thank you for spoiling me rotten. Life is good!


JohnW - Sydney said...


You sound so positive and together which I found quite remarkable in the circumstances. True freinds like Mike and Doreen are to be treasured - and I know that you and Joan do.

You do live in a truly beautiful country; and let me remind you that I am waiting to show you and Joan our beautiful country one day when you have successfully been through your treatment. I can guarantee a memorable holiday.

Fondest love to you both.


John said...

Hi John,
Thanks for the comment. Oh yes, we treasure our friends, and we have the best friends in the world. John, you are generous in the extreme to raise the subject of the proposed Ozzie holiday again. We are keeping that offer as a medium term goal, and one way or the other we will be there. I'm sure we will laugh and cry about old times and see what Ozzie is all about. Let the treatment roll on so that the medium term can arrive.
John, thanks for being such a solid rock, such a superb friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

That flower is definitely Crassulaceae, possibly an alien. If not alien I'd stick my neck out and say it's a Cotyledon, or maybe a Tylecodon.

Stephen Gibson

John said...

Thanks Stephen. I must say that my money is on Crassulaceae, but so far I haven't been able to identify it much further.