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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Joan's birthday

The 17th of March is St Patrick's day. But far more importantly, it is the birthday of my wife, Joan. So, what does one do if one has a tumour in one's brain and one wants to buy a present and perhaps arrange a small party? Well, in our case I just sat back and did nothing, such is the quality, love and support of our friends. Doreen just volunteered to take over and things happened. A small group of friends went to the Tokai Forest yesterday where we had it all to ourselves. We had a peaceful, happy time and Joan managed to blow out the 6 candles on the cake. Thanks Doreen. A lovely arrangement of roses arrived from our friends in Australia (how do they get roses to travel down a telephone line??) This was accompanied by a really fine bottle of KWV bubbly that Joan will open at a later date. She phoned Australia to say thanks but got the calculation wrong and woke poor Nicky up at 1:00 odd Ozzie time. Sorry! Piles of other pressents arrived from lots of other friends of Joan's. She is a much loved person.

I will give a further update on my cancer after I have seen the neuosurgeon and will enclose the latest MRI pictures then. But right now it is Joan who must stay at the centre of attention. We will get through this thing together. Unfortunately I must admit to becoming angry, not with the bad luck of the cancer itself, but with the frustrations of not being able to do the things I could in the past.

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