... in my brain actually. My very own brain tumour

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another convulsion

OnThursday 24 April I had another convulsion- this time lating 3 hours. It just didn't ever seem to stop. Tody i m still sore all over from it. I ended up in hospital siting in a horrible wet, cold smelly pool of urine being offered lunch at the end of it all. The poblem was that the nurses put the lunch at the foot of the bed so I couldn't get to it. They didn't answer he bell when I rang. There were no utensils for eating it so when I eventually managed to get the tray close enouh to me to eat, I had to scoop the food into my mouth with my urine saturted hands. I have vowed never o go back to the Vincent pallotti hopitl again. I would rather die first, and i mean that literally. My brain is getting worse every day and sems to be disintrgaing now. i am not in contrpol any more. For me it is hoible feeling.

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