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Monday, April 21, 2008

I hate having convultions / fits / seizures

Yesterday (Sunday) Joan and I went to Kirstenbosch and slowly walked the Braille Trail. This is a tiny little walk with a little uphill section. We loved it and I found it exciting to be back on uneven, slightly rocky ground for about 20 minutes. It gave me hope that I could eventually get back to normality some time.

In the evening I noticed the telltale signs of an approaching seizure - a strange taste in my mouth, tingling in my teeth and mouth on the left, uncontrolled blinking of my left eye, clonic twitching of my left hand and left arm. It got worse and worse. I was fully conscious all the time and just had to try to relax as poor Joan watched me twitching away, out of control, trying to restrain my flailing left arm. It is an awful feeling. This morning I had yet another exactly similar experience. I hate it. The neurologist who is also part of the medical team has now put the dose of my anticonvulsant pills up slightly and warned that I may now start experiencing tremors. Everything seems to be balanced on a knife edge. Too little drug and I have seizures, too much and I can get tremours. Well, lets see wht happens now.

Today I was exhausted and did just about nothing. I hope tomorrow is better. What I would do without Joan I don't know. Thank you or you love, attention and support dear Joan.

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Andrew said...

It has been good reading your lastest blogs. Not because of hearing about your misfortunes, but because of the fact that after so long a break you are on the computer again and still master of your life. Doing that braille trail with one's eyes shut is a very humbling, almost spiritual experience. Have you tried it?