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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Clarifying the previous diary note.

Firstly, thanks to all of you who either emailed or phoned to commiserate with me about the shocking nursing care I received during my most recent convulsive episode at the Vincent Palloti. Yes, it was horrendous and I would have expected better from a very well known and respected hospital. But I suppose things go wrong everywhere from time to time. It has highlited to me the importance of a team approach to treating a complex disease like a brain cancer.

In my case the medical side of my treatment has been absolutely superb. My oncologist has been more than competent, empathetic, communicative and sensible. The treatment planning and radiotherapy administration has been applied humanely, punctually and competetly by lovely, friendly ladies and I have always been made to feel welcome. The neurologist has tweaked my drug dosage so that it is now poised at just the right level. But, gee, the nursing side of things have let the team down badly as described below, leaving (literally) a bad taste in the mouth. I just get the feeling that they couldn't care less. Perhaps I am doing them an injustice. If so, please forgive me.

Yesterday, out of the blue at about 11:40am I received a very brisk, official call om a lady at Vincent Pallotti who didn't identify herself or give me her designation. All she said was that she had read my blog and was phoning to get more information as she wanted to do an investigation. After I established that she was a Quality process manager and got her name, I started submitting to some questions, but it became clear that I was going to become upset because of the interviewing style being used which was very direct and assertive. Anyway, following up this sort of issue is better than nothing, so, I have no basic complaint about the assertive initiation of the interview.

During the course of the interview I became rather emotionally labile (rememering that I am going through treatment for a brain cancer, and we agreed that she would phone back at a more aconvenient time.)

Thank you. I will be as cooperative as possible and try to help. I suppose it is dificult to get nursing staff to feel empahy for patients, but that is what is needed. Please forgivew the poor typing.

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